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30 Minute Fit​​


   30 Minute Fit is a program developed to enable busier lifestyles to become healthy and fit with a small time commitment. 30 Minute Fit is a complete workout and meal planning guide just for you. 

  The customized workouts are 30 minutes and tailored to the equipment you have with you. The only equipment you need is a timer, and we all have one on our phones. The workouts can be  done in the comfort of your home, so there is no need to go to the gym. Are you a frequent traveler?  If so, this is great for you because the workouts are versatile. Do you like to be outdoors, at the beach, or in the gym? Wherever you want to exercise can be done with a simple request!

​​​  Meal Planning is made simple for your dietary needs. Do you want keto, gluten-free, whole  30, etc.? We will make you a successful plan for you. You will receive a full weekly meal plan with a shopping list and all the instructions you will need. 

 The 30 Minute Fit plan is a no-excuse way to get the body and health you deserve. Do not waste another day saying I will get to it. Take a look in the mirror and decide that the person you see is worth what it takes to have more energy, less stress, and an overall great feeling about themselves!

 When you subscribe to 30 Minute Fit, the first month is $99. After the first month, it is $199 a month. The first month you will receive 2 workouts a week and 2 weeks of meal plans. One workout is for strength, and the other is for cardio. The workouts will be alternated each day for a healthy balance. 

 After the first month, you will receive the 2 workouts a week and a full weekly meal plan complete with shopping lists and directions. 

 Communication is important! At any time, if there are questions, concerns, please send an email to Mike@ignitefitnesstn.com. There will also be a once a week video call to check for progress, answer questions, and give exercise instruction.

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